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Response on “We the Media”


It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come in the past two decades with technology. Dan Gillmor, author of “We the Media” explained in the first chapter how since the colonial era, people have always had a thirst for news and information. The only that has changed and continues to change is the format through which we share information. Gillmor said in chapter 2 the best individual blogs tend to have a voice because they are written clearly with passion. Blogs can easily be called a form of democracy because they let people voice their opinions of one another. Gillmor calls the weblog the domain of both amateurs and professionals. The reason blogs became so significant so quickly is because unlike newspapers, readers are participants and they have the chance to interact with other participants in a way that they feel involved with the news. With citizen journalism on the rise the definition of what a true journalist is changes. Questions arise as to whether a blogger for example can be a reporter, or whether any ordinary citizen who takes a video with his or her camera phone is journalist.

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