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2011 is Kevin James’ Year

You may remember him from 50 First Dates and Hitch, or recognize him as the hysterical security guard from Mall Cop. Or maybe you have recently seen Grown Ups and can’t get enough of his comedy.

One this is for certain, funnyman Kevin James has been in at least one film every year since 2004.  

Next year will be his year to shine with two new films, The Zookeeper and The Dilemma.

The Dilemma, scheduled for wide release Jan. 14, is about a man named Ronnie (Vince Vaughn) who finds out his best friend and co-worker’s wife is cheating on him. Ronnie investigates the situation tries to decide whether to tell his friend, Nick (Kevin James), that he has seen his wife with another man. But as time passes and the two near the biggest work presentation of their careers, Ronnie has second thoughts about spilling the beans to his best friend.

Director Ron Howard and Producer Brian Grazer, both known for their Academy Award winning film A Beautiful Mind, collaborated once again in this film.  

The Dilemma also stars Winona Ryder, Jennifer Connelly, Channing Tatum, and Queen Latifah.

James’ other film The Zookeeper (PG), scheduled for wide release July 8, is about how a group of animals at the Franklin Park Zoo decide to break their silence and talk, after their lovable caretaker (Kevin James) decides that the only way to get the woman of his dreams, is to find a new job. The animals try to help their zookeeper get his mate, while still keeping his job at the zoo.

The ZooKeeper also stars Adam Sandler, Sylvester Stallone, Cher, Rosario Dawson, and Jon Favreau.

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