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Look for Two Widely Released Nick Cage Films Next Year

Whether you’re a fan of Nicolas Cage or not, you may not want to miss his two new action thrillers released early next year.

Drive Angry 3D, which hits theatres Feb. 11, is about a vengeful felon named Milton, who breaks out of hell in order to chase after the leader of a cult who murdered his daughter and intends to harm her baby. He is joined by a young waitress, who helps Milton escape the pursuit of the police and an enigmatic killer who tries to bring him back to the fiery pit.

The film stars Cage as Milton, including Amber Heard, William Fichtner, and Billy Burke.

Cage also stars in Season of the Witch (PG-13), which was actually pre-released Dec. 2009, and originally scheduled to hit theatres March 2010, but was delayed until Jan. 7, 2011 for wide release.

Season of the Witch is about a medieval knight who sends a cunning witch to the monastery, where she is believed to be responsible for the Black Plague.

This film also stars Ron Perlman, Claire Foy, and Stephen Graham.


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